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Astrojs: share server vars to client

In your astro file.

const foregroundColor = "rgb(221 243 228)"; // CSS variable shared
const backgroundColor = "rgb(24 121 78)"; // CSS variable shared
const message = "Astro is awesome!"; // Javascript variable shared
/* +++++ CSS variables to share as below +++++ */

<style define:vars={{ textColor: foregroundColor, backgroundColor }}>
  h1 {
    background-color: var(--backgroundColor);
    color: var(--textColor);

/* ++++ Javascript variables to share as below ++++ */

<script define:vars={{ message }}>

There is also a concept of sharing states using nanostore stated in documentation . It allows sharing states between components at framework level on client-side. Not between client and server.

Theoretically sharing states from server to client can be done using hydration technique by combining define:vars and nanostore library map api during the onLoad event may be 🧪.

Updated: Alternatively load the full script externaly

The previous code here seems to have been deprecated. But this is much smaller if it works as suggested:

  import 'lightbox2/dist/js/lightbox.min.js'