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Readworthy: No bundler? Crud JSON. Publish NPM.

Readworthy is misc bits of information I found usefull since last time.

You may not need a bundler

“I have seen a couple threads on twitter where people complain about the difficulty with publishing NPM libraries or ask what starter kit they should use (or, people recommended starter packs anyways) Example threads: here here here and here One thing that is notable to me in these threads is that people often recommend that you use a bundler (a program that combines multiple src files into a single or fewer output files) when developing a library”

Full article here

Do a CRUD with regular JSON

A Simple and plain file-based JSON database for Node

Install npm i @beforesemicolon/node-json-db

Watch on Youtube

The npm package:


How to publish your typescript repo to npm

From the begining.

This is part one. Next I’ll update with added github action worklflow. Soon, stay put.

Source Publishing to npm

How to Create a Scoped NPM Package

To create a scoped package, first navigate to the root of your package directory.

Then, run the npm init command and pass your username as the value to the scope flag:

npm init --scope=@your-username

Respond to the prompts to create a package.json file. For your package name, the format should be @your-username/package-name.

For example @foundit/broadcaster.

You can now add the code for your package and test it. The process is the same as already explained above.



Source Youtube

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