Debugging nodejs like frontend

In node node server.js --inspect-brk

With yarn yarn test --inspect-brk

or npm npm start -- --inspect-brk

Now, open up any Edge or Chrome dev tools window and click the little green Node.js logo button next to the responsivity button.

####### Debugging Exceptions

If you want to debug a thrown exception, go to the Sources tab and click the octagonal button with a pause symbol. This causes Chrome DevTools to stop on any uncaught thrown exceptions.

—inspect versus —inspect-brk

What’s the difference between —inspect and —inspect-brk?

-inspect-brk pauses execution immediately when node starts while -inspect pauses execution if it hits a debugger statement and there is an attached debugger.

I usually prefer -inspect-brk because it gives me time to attach the debugger whereas when only using -inspect, the execution could finish before I have a chance to attach Chrome DevTools!

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